Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hayden's first day of Kindergarten!!

My baby's first day of school!!! He has been very excited to be in kindergarten and ride the bus. He is going to a Spanish immersion charter school, and his teacher's name is Mrs. Huddleston. It is full day, everyday!! On the first day he rode the bus and we met him at the school. He had already made a new friend on the bus, named Carter, and he didn't want us to walk him to his classroom. Well, this momma wasn't going for that, so we took him to his class and he found his seat and had a great day. When he came home that afternoon he couldn't remember what he did all day! We are so proud of him and the wonderful little boy he is. I am missing him at home - it is much more quiet with just McKall at home! I love you Beany!!!


Dove said...

you have a lovely family :)

crazy lady said...

WHAT!?!? How can he be in school already! He looks pretty happy about it though. Exciting for him- mixed emotions for mom I'm guessing :0)

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